editor-exclusive footnotes

<!-- and --> are used for putting helpful text into an article that only editors can see. useful for when you want to add footnotes to codes for people editing them

links and files

[[ and ]] are used for links. use it to display hotlinks to other articles or to display files like images, audio and video.


{{ and }} are used for templates. place an article name within the brackets to place an entire page onto another page; it treats the page as a template.

raw source codes

<pre> is for posting raw source code without having the code converter interpret it.


use ~~~ to display signatures; use ~~~~ to display a signature with a timestamp.


---- creates a divider line. put one after every post you make in the forums, but use it sparingly elsewhere (such as on mainspace articles)

bold, italics, underlining, strikethrough

use ''' to make text bold. use '' to make text italic (slanted). use <u> and </u> to underline text. use <s> and </s> to strike out text.

font face, size, and color

use <font face=FONTNAME> and </font> to change text font. use <font size=NUMBERpx> and </font> to change text size. (note that size can only range from 1 to 7, whole numbers only.) use <font color=COLORNAMEORHEX> and </font> to change text color.

other complex coding

i dunno w/ever lmao

more coming soon, hold your horses