High King Kal (full title “High King Kal’Moro the Celebrated”) was a male snow leopard who led the Great Kallich Conquest and colonized many areas of Achka and northern Khonsu, forever changing the course of history. Using his intimidating stature and astounding influence to his advantage, he built an unstoppable army of loyal followers and well-trained, well-paid mercenaries to overcome all obstacles in his path, making him the most successful conqueror in Tonzoonic history.




King Kal was notorious for having an inflated ego, made undeniably evident by his decision to name 3 whole territories and a sea after himself. Even after his death, Kal’s actions are echoed by other lesser conquerors of Kalris, venturing and using his name to localize new territories.

King Kal was also known to be very promiscuous, having little respect for mollies beyond use as sexual objects. He had many consorts and illegitimate heirs, which led to conflict after his death. A moon later, his first and only legitimate son was born, named Prince Kafka’Kal.


Kal was born as Prince Kal’Moro, so-named for his father King Moro, in the old Kingdom of Hestia.

High King Kal is credited with many great achievements, including the world record for the largest Shadowbeast ever slain. (This has mostly been unbroken because there have been no more Shadowbeasts to slay, but that’s aside from the point). One of his other notable actions was his astonishing formation of an empire, otherwise unheard of in the big cat continental world. With an army large enough to give anyone visions ripe with narcissism, he moved on from conquering the entirety of his divided kingdom and realm to taking the rest of the northern world by force. With some luck, he accomplished just that, dying at the ripe age of 43 from a terminal infection.