Jache - a melanistic jaguar demigod, ruling (partially) over chaos, sin, and negative emotions. He thrived off of disorder, tension, hatred and division, and was blamed for the hardships and unfortunate events of the time. Nowadays, he is forgotten as the modern ‘universal’ gods took the place of the Pantheon, but soon he will come again… and when he does, the world had better be ready.

Jache has the ability to corrupt mortals, as well as summon dark shadow beings (most often in feral form, but bipedal shadows also exist) to get his dirty work done. These shadowy beings, known colloquially as “shadowbeasts”, are entities made entirely of darkness, feeding off of negative emotions and moving into areas considered ‘sin cesspools’. They help to subjugate the people, killing off the weakest of them and leaving the strongest fighting against his growing army of corrupted friends and family for both furthering his plans and just for his own sick amusement. The corrupted mortals are given new powers, new motives and a film over their eyes, obscuring everyone and everything they ever enjoyed and instead displaying nothing but negative thoughts and feelings, and no one but enemies and threats, to truly mindbreak them for ultimate slavery. Once someone has fallen under the corruptive spell of Jache’s wicked magic, the chances of ever escaping his control and fully recovering are next to nothing. As such, the seed of a shadowbeast is planted within their bodies, left to slowly consume their soul while they are being mindbroken, so that the beast may become extra large and powerful and serve him even better than the slave ever could. Once the soul is consumed, the body becomes bloated and decayed black, and their zombie body explodes from the heart outwards as the shadowbeast breaks free to wreak havoc on the lands.