Vinera - a lioness saint, hailed as the ultimate symbol of beauty (being the most attractive lioness to ever live). So beautiful was she that even the powerful god Ansem desired her. However, she was owned by a mortal male named Saix, alongside a number of other loose consorts in a semi-feral pride known as the Tribe of Firemane.

Ansem met with Vinera deep into the night through a dream, where he showed her what she could have, the life she could live, if she returned to his realm and became his queen instead. She was very tempted by his offer, but at first rejected it, both in fear and loyalty to Saix. It took many nights of repeated convincing to bring her back.

Saix of course wanted to keep his beloved queen, so when he caught wind of her secret meetings with the god, he decided he wanted to fight back.  He declared war on Ansem, and sought a blessing from his long-time friend and rival god of Ansem, Xaldin.

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